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Thank you for visiting our Reviews & Testimonials. Hope you enjoy scowling down, reading and seeing "Real people", "Real Stories" and more than anything "Real Results"!! It has been an amazing journey seeing the number of live changing lives Gem Dietary Supplements, Body Shapers, Fitness Wear and Fitness Equipment has contributed to your fitness goals. We stand by our products 100% and provide our Guarantee Seal on most of our products and supplements. Our scientific research is you, our friends, family and customers that see results with our products and share there stories, videos and messages with us. Myself along with my wife Paola Morales; Sales & Marketing Director, have travel North America, down South America including Colombia, and Asia including China to find and bring the most quality products on earth. My goal is for everyone that visits our site to feel comfortable with the purchase of our products and become part of our family as I like to refer to as "friends". We at Texas Made Fitness want your recurrent visits. I do not want to lie, limited sales (Sold as Is),  and take it and never come again. I want to see every one of our initial customers to be recurring and visit and purchase our high end products endless. Thank you again deeply!

George Morales, CEO


Dayanara Lopez-  Gem Blue Dietary Supplements 

Winner 🏆🥇 March 2022- Sacrifice & Noticeable Weight Loss! Loss 53lbs from November 2021(198lbs) to March 2022(145lbs) 😱 . Wow Impressive!!

Unedited pictures send from our beautiful friend Dayanara Lopez. Real People, real stories and real results!!  Texas Made Fitness 💪!! 

See her story here:   


Dayanara now sporting one of our Texas Made Fitness Sport Wear and Shaper! She is just beautiful 💖! 


Faby Perez Gem Blue Dietary Supplements 

Also, Winner 🏆🥇 March 2022- We just had to bump to 2 winners for this month with so many amazing results! Her Sacrifice & Noticeable Weight Loss! Loss 30lbs from January 2022(220bs) to March 2022(190bs) What😱 !. She just put it on overdrive 🏎with her heart and effort! Amazing!

We love to hear amazing stories and is just a big satisfaction to us! We want to be your friend like all our winners. Send us your stories and pictures/videos 🎬📽🎥📷 here for a chance to win and share your stories:

Again, unedited pictures below send from our beautiful friend Faby Perez.

See her story here:  


Edith Aguilar-  Gem Gold Dietary Supplement

Our beautiful friend is a Personal Trainer at Fitcrew located in Humble,Texas (go visit her make her your personal trainer; she is amazing!).  She used our Gem Gold Dietary Supplement to help her achieve her fitness goals 💪🏋️‍♀️! She was able to reduce her body fat in a month from 27.89%  to 20%. How she do that 🤔 ? Gem Gold😎 ?  

See her unedited pictures/messages she send us:






Olivia-  Pao Body Shapers Collection


Our beautiful friend Olivia ; very satisfied send us message with her super comfortable Seamless Technology Body Shaper by Pao Body Shapers☝👌.  Shop on our Pao Body Shapers Collection for new products added constantly.